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Download the scanned Images to PaperPort


As mentioned above you can use the DocuPen with any TWAIN compatible softwarepackage. As, however, we provide one of the best Document Management Softwarepackages, i.e. Nuance’s PaperPort we will explain how you download the images fromthe DocuPen to your computer using the PaperPort software. You can read the detailedinstructions of how to use PaperPort in the Getting started guide which you can find inthe Paperport folder under Program files on your computer.


You can also use the stand-alone DocuPen Application which will allow to view thethumbnails and save the images without using the PaperPort software. Simply doubleclickon the thumbnails in the DocuPen Scanner Control window and it will open upwith your default graphics software on your desktop.


Note: Make sure that your DocuPen is CONNECTED to your PC


1. Start the PaperPort Software

2. On you very first start you will see the How to Guide prompt window. Feel free toexplore the detailed How to instructions within this guide.

3. In the Command bar within PaperPort click on the Select or Get Photo button. TheScan pane will open on the left side of the PaperPort window.

Simultaneously the Available scannersprompt window will open. SelectPenTwain and click Ok.

You may have more than one scanner,so PenTwain must be selectedwhen using the DocuPen.

After you have selected PenTwain, you can click on the Scan button within the Scan paneof PaperPort.

This will open the DocuPen Scanner Controlwindow. The window indicates Off-line. Thismessage changes to On-line only duringdownload. Click on the download button anda dialog window will appear prompting you toturn the DocuPen ON.

In the dialog Click OK and press the Power Onbutton on your DocuPen

The ”Transferring...” dialog will pop-up, displayingthe status of the download process

When the download is complete you will seethumbnails of the images in the DocupenScanner Control window. You can select theimages you want to download by clicking onthem or you can select all images by clickingon the Select All button

By clicking on the Transfer button you will transfer the selected thumbnails to thePaperPort desktop area

You can download the images in PaperPort’s default file format - “max”, which allowsthe most editing options. By selecting the Settings.. link, however, you can select otherfile formats as well e.g. jpg, tiff, bmp, etc.

In the PaperPort desktop area you can select an image and it can be run under all theapplications that the PaperPort software has detected such as Word, or Excel, etc. Allrelevant windows applications are automatically listed at the bottom status bar of thePaperPort window. At this moment you can run the OCR function by simply selectingthe image and clicking on the Word icon (in the bottom Status Bar)


Installing the Abbyy FineReader Sprint Software

For further details on using Paperport Software please look at the gettingstarted guide which may be found in the Paperport folder underProgram Files in your computer.

Note: The Abbyy Sprint Software is available exclusively with the DocuPenRC850.

Please insert the Abbyy Sprint CD into your computer CD drive. The CDshould automatically start and a window with the Abbyy software for PC andMAC will open. Double click to open the Abbyy PC folder and double click theSetUP.exe to install. Please follow the onscreen instructions to completeinstallation.

Note: The Abbyy Sprint Software is compatible with all Mac OS up to 10.3.9- non Intel based


Convert scanned images to text using Abbyy Sprint

Note: Make sure you connect the DocuPen with your PC and start theAbbyy FineReader


In the File menu choose Select Scanner...


In the dialog that appears select PenTWAIN

Note: Step 1 & 2 only apply the first time you use the DocuPen


To start the download & recognition after scanning, click on theScan&Read button within the Abbyy window

In the DocuPen Scanner Control window that appears, click on thedownload button to transfer your scans from the DocuPen's memorybank to your PC

A prompt window will ask you to press theDocuPen scanner power button.

Press the DocuPen power button and click theOK button in the prompt window

After the download is complete, thumbnailimages of your scanned pages will display in the DocuPen Scanner Control window.

To download the image into Abbyy FineReader, simply select the image thumbnail inthe DocuPen Scanner Control window and click the Transfer button

Abbyy will convert the image into editable text. The Image window will display thescanned page as an image and the Text window will display the editable text

Erasing the DocuPen Memory

1. While in PaperPort (or Abbyy) simply click on the Scan button

2. The DocuPen Scanner Control Window will open 

3. In the DocuPen Scanner ControlWindow select the Recycle Bin button 


A dialog window will prompt you thatyou are about to erasing DocuPen’smemory bank. Click on the Yes button.


A pop-up dialog prompts you to turnyour DocuPen ON. Press the PowerON button on the DocuPen and clickon the OK button in the dialog window.

The DocuPen memory bank will be erased.



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