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Using your Digital Pen in Window XP/2000 - Part 01


Topics Covered:

1. Install the Note Manager Application

2. Setting your base unit orientation preferences

3. Connect Memory Unit to Computer

4. Uploading Notes to your PC

5. Viewing Notes  

6. Using your Pen in Mouse Mode



Connect your Digital Pen to the computer with the USB cable, the device works in the connected mode. Once connected, you can view, edit, send or print your notes. Also, you can take notes and make drawings just as you do in mobile mode. Digital Pen can also act as a mouse with features like hovering, left and right click. Additionally, there are some special features to be used only with the connected mode. Those features will be described in details in the followed chapters.

Before you connect the device to a PC, first make sure to install the Digital Pen manager application included in the CD and run it.


Installing the Note Manager

Your product is packaged with a CD that includes its companion desktop software – Note Manager. With the software, you can upload notes to computer, view or edit the notes.


(1) Insert the installation CD into your CD ROM drive. The setup program should start automatically. If not, run the program by selecting „Run‟ from the Windows „Start‟ menu and type in D:\setup.exe. If your CD drive uses a different letter, type that letter instead of D.






(2) Follow the instructions on the screen.

(3) Click “Finish” once the installation is finished.

Note: After the installation process, when running the application for the 1st time, a new folder named “Ink Notes” is created in your “My Documents” directory. All your notes will be saved into this directory. In the event that no “My Documents” directory is found, the installation process will create a new “My Documents” folder on your C hard drive. The „Ink Notes‟ folder will then be created under this directory. If you uninstall, upgrade or reinstall the software in a different location, the note files will remain in this directory, and will not be overwritten.


Run the Note Manager

Select “Programs” > “Note Manager” from the Windows “Start” menu to run the Note Manager.






Setting your base unit orientation preferences

Your base unit can be placed in 3 positions, on the top center of an A4 paper, or at the Left/Right corners.

Firstly set the unit orientation by selecting “Configuration” > “Set Device Orientation”.

Recommended for a single paper usage

Recommended for usage on a paper block, for

Recommended for usage on a paper block, for Left




Connect Memory Unit to Computer





Use the Mobile Digital Pen‟s mini USB connector to plug in the USB cable (included in the package), which connects the unit with the PC when uploading notes.

Note: Only use the USB cable supplied with your Mobile Digital Pen package.

The USB cable (included in the package) plugs into the Memory Unit Connector and is used for the following:

 Uploading notes from the memory unit to the PC

 Working in Connected Mode

 Firmware updates


Important Notice: Do not connect more than one set of this device at the same time. That may cause interference with each other.



Uploading Notes to your PC

Connect Memory Unit to Computer

When in Connected Mode, you can upload all your notes from the memory unit to your PC using the Digital Pen software application.

Before doing so, first make sure that:

 Your Note Manager software application is running

 Your memory unit is connected to your PC‟s USB port using the memory unit USB cable.


The “CONNECTED” icon will be displayed on your memory unit LCD:

Application Tray Icon will change while uploading your notes:


Port Auto-Detection

Once you launch the application, the Digital Pen software automatically detects your hardware.

The application automatically searches all ports in order to detect the hardware. If it is unable to locate the connection, the Hardware Detection dialog box appears.






USB Hot-Insertion

USB Hot Insertion refers to connecting the USB cable while the application is running. The application will auto-detect your hardware if the USB cable is disconnected while the system is running and then re-connected. The application will also auto-detect the hardware if you first run the software and then connect the USB cable.


Pen Mode and Mouse Mode

The device supports a Note mode and a Mouse Mode. In the Note mode, you can write and draw pictures with the pen. In the Mouse mode, the pen acts as a mouse with click and hovering function.

Selecting default mode can be done in 2 ways:

a. At the first time you start your Digital Pen application, OR

b. Using the Digital Pen “Configuration” menu („Set Digital pen Mode‟)

Changing modes during operation can be done in 2 ways:

a. Press the base unit top button („Mode‟ button) , OR

b. Right click the „Digital Pen‟ tray icon, and change mode, OR

c. Clicking on the virtual area using your pen.






Uploading Notes

(1) Start the Note Manager.

(2) In the “File” menu, select “Upload”, or click in the upper toolbar. All the notes in your memory unit are uploaded to your PC.

(3) At the end of the process, a message appears asking if you want to delete all notes on the memory unit. Select„ Yes‟ to erase all notes on your memory unit. Select „NO‟ to retain the notes.

(4) Uploaded notes will be saved in the Mobile Notes folder named by date.

NOTE: When you select “NO”, the next time you upload those notes that are already uploaded to the PC will not be uploaded. However, if you delete notes from the PC application and then upload again from the memory unit, the notes will be uploaded again.

You can select one of three options to be performed automatically when your base unit is connected. The following can be selected in the „Configuration -->Preferences‟ menu within the Note Manager.


Upload new notes automatically options:

YES – Your Mobile Notes will be automatically uploaded each time you connect it to your PC

NO – Your Mobile Notes will not be uploaded. In this option, you will manually need to perform this action by selecting “File” --> “Upload” menu within the Note Manager

ASK ME – Each time you connect the Mobile Pocket pen tablet base unit, you will be prompt if you want to upload your notes.







Viewing Notes

You can view your note on the computer screen.

(1) Run the Note Manager.






(2) Click the “Mobile Notes” folder in the left pane, you should see all note thumbnails.

(3) Double click a note thumbnail to view it in full screen. You can click the button to zoom in or out the view.



Using your Pen in Mouse Mode

In Mouse mode, your Digital Pen behaves as a mouse, having the following functionality:


In Mouse mode, your Digital Pen behaves as a mouse, having the following functionality:


a. To move your mouse cursor you can hover with the pen. To start Hovering you can press the side button or tip the pen on the paper. The pen will now hover even with no press for about 30 seconds.

b. To Click an object, point your mouse cursor on that object. Now tip the pen on the paper or click the side button.



c. To Double-Click an object, point your mouse cursor on that object. Now tip the pen twice on the paper or click the side button twice.

d. To Right-Click an object, point your mouse cursor on that object. Now press the tip of the pen a bit longer on the paper. A special „Right Click‟ cursor will appear. Lift the pen from the paper, and the context menu (Right Click menu) appears.



Avoid interference while using regular mouse:


When the pen is not in use it powers off automatically after 60 minutes. It is recommend that while not in use, the pen is placed as shown, to avoid interface with a regular mouse operation.




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