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The new Reading Pen TS Oxford is designed to help readers of all ages and abilities improve their English Reading Skills....

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PlanOn PRINTSTIK Cartridge Loading


1.  Locate the Insertion point on the printer

2.  Guide the tip of the paper roll with the paper “leader" through the insertion slight

3.  Once you placed the paper through the insertion slight, have the PRINTSTIK laid down. Now press the paper feed button to draw the paper in.

4.  As the paper is drawn through, guide it to make sure it’s centered with a result as depicted below.

5.  Once some paper has been taken into the PRINTSTIK, raise the metal arms upwards with the PRINTSTIK laid down (the logo would be up)

6. Metal arms can now be lined up with the slots on the PRINTSTIK cartridge as depicted in the picture. This will slide the cartridge into place.

7.  Once the cartridge is fully inserted with the metal arms. Slightly pull the paper as depicted below.

8.  Now you can close the cartridge down into the printer as shown below

 9. To completely lock the cartridge slightly press on the cartridge cover as show below

10. Now the snap is locked in with the printer and the cartridge is secure.

11. Now you are ready to print!


NOTE: After installing paper cartridge and printing, try and avoid taking out cartridge, and re-installing cartridge again, if needed to do so, please see instructions in FAQ section (question 1).



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