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The new Reading Pen TS Oxford is designed to help readers of all ages and abilities improve their English Reading Skills....

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Knowledge Base

The Pen Main Menu


To access the Pen Main Menu, exit the application you are currently working in, by selecting  from the application toolbar. Use the stylus, or press the escape key and scroll with the right/left direction keys.


The following items appear in the Pen Main Menu:

  • ƒ   Quicktionary (see page 32)
  • ƒ   Games (see page 38)
  • ƒ   Notes (see page 41)
  • ƒ   Scan to PC (see page 44)
  • ƒ   Connect to PC
  • ƒ   Preferences
  • ƒ   Information

 The Pen Main Menu


Connect to PC

Use this option to allow you to move or copy Notes files from the Pen to your PC or to delete files currently stored on the Pen.

See the PenExplorer section on page 47 for more information.


The Preferences Menu

Modify the general Pen settings using this menu which can be accessed from the Pen Main Menu or from the Settings () menu within each application.

When changing a setting, press ENT or select OK to save changes. To return to the Preferences menu without making changes, press ESC or .


Set Menu Display Language

The menu display language is the language in which the menus and messages appear (the Pen UI). Use this option to change the menu display language.


Voice Settings

Use this option to modify the volume, pitch and reading speed on the Pen. This will change the way text is read aloud in the Quicktionary application. Move the slider bar by dragging with the stylus or using the direction keys.


Set Auto Shut-Off Time

If the Pen is on but is not being used, it will shut down automatically after two minutes. Use this option to change the default time setting. Settings range from 1min – 15min.


Set Right–/Left– Handed

Use this option to switch between right and left-handed scanning. The Pen default is set to right-handed scanning.


Set Screen Contrast

Use this option to adjust the brightness of the display. Move the slider bar by dragging with the stylus or using the direction keys.


Calibrate Touch Screen

At times the stylus touch may become inaccurate. If so, the touch screen will need to be recalibrated. Select the option and follow the instructions to calibrate the screen.

Touch Screen Calibration   


Use the Information menu to view the following information:



View Memory Status

Use this option to see how much memory is available on the Pen for storing files.


Serial Number

Use this option to view the Pen serial number.



Use this option to view the Pen version and copyright information.




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