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Case Studies

George Dixon Primary School Research Project

“There was a big difference in the scores before using the scanning pens and after the eight-week period, some of these children were making more than a year’s progress in certain areas as they had the skills now to approach those assessments with more confidence.”

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Nurturing Secondary School Students to Reading Independence

By making sure that the students were able to use the pens for these activities, she was breaking down barriers that enabled all 7 pupils to use the pens as a normal way of working. Once this was established, the pupils confidently used the pens in lessons and explored how they could access other areas of the curriculum and read and understand subject-specific texts.

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Bradford College utilise the Exam Reader 2 throughout COVID-19

Bradford College's SEND and ALS Assistive Technology Service loans a wide variety of technology to students through the academic year. Exam Reader’s are an important part of their provision, because they provide portable, wireless free reading support.

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