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The Scanning Pens Pilot Program: here's how a reading pen can make reading levels soar!

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July 9, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM PDT July 9, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM PDTth, July 9, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM PDT

The Pilot Program at Scanning Pens is a specialist program where we invite educators in MATs and LEAs to trial some of our award-winning reading pen technology on an extended basis, to support reading needs where they are.

There's a reading emergency in our schools.

Pandemic learning loss has had a powerful negative impact on our readers: more and more are struggling to read at the appropriate school year level, and educators have been tasked with a Herculean recovery effort with less time on their hands than ever before. These learners' futures are at stake, whether they lead into further education, higher education vocational study or the world of work.

And in those struggling groups, there’s also going to be a disproportionate weighting of learners with SEN, English as an Additional Language, learners who are neurodivergent, and learners for whom the pandemic interrupted their regular learning regimen in a catastrophic way, such as those who needed extra support.

Now more than ever, it’s vitally important every learner who struggles to access reading at the same level as their classmates has access to the tools they need, and that the authorities, academies and trusts whose role it is to resource that support can do so in the simplest and most cost-effective ways possible.

But that's where award-winning, dependable reading pens like C-Pen Reader 2 and C-Pen Exam Reader 2 come in.

But what is a reading pen – and how do they improve reading outcomes?

A reading pen is an EdTech tool designed for learners who need extra support with reading skills and confidence. They might have a neurodivergent condition such as dyslexia, other Special Educational Needs, are learning English as an Additional Language, or simply just need a helping hand when it comes to reading tasks.

A reading pen works on the principle of text-to-speech, speaking the words on the page back to the reader as audio. This prompts multi-modal learning and understanding. It’s also a great way of fostering fluency, vocabulary growth, and even developing their ability to map the grapheme (word on the page) to the phoneme (how it sounds). There are models that support learners with a whole suite of text-to-speech definition and word practice tools, like C-Pen Reader 2, and models that are designed for use under test conditions, like C-Pen Exam Reader 2.

The majority of learners prefer a reading pen to human readers as they allow support to be administered in the most discreet way, so that no student feels spotlighted or observed.

How does our Pilot Program work?

It’s a simple enough process: we offer you a 60-day pilot of our award-winning reading pen, C-Pen Reader 2. If you're thinking about exam needs, and think your setting might benefit from C-Pen Exam Reader 2 during the pilot, then mention this when you get in touch with us.

The Scanning Pens Pilot Program is designed for any MAT or LEA in the UK. There are no area restrictions, and we’re able to provide personalised training and implementation support remotely, so there’s no need to worry about taking up valuable educator time with meeting arrangements. We’ll even provide you with helpful resources, so that the admin work on your side is kept to an absolute minimum.

Throughout the program, you and your team will be under the guidance of our expert representatives and education team, and at the end of the trial, data forms and testimonials become part of our ongoing knowledge basis about how a reading pen can best support learners.

You will also be given the opportunity to take part in two training sessions, one to discuss how to use and implement the devices in your setting, and another with our Global Head of Education which is CPD-certified, and gives you further understanding of how to boost your SAT and exam results.

Wait. What’s the difference between participating in a pilot program and a trial?

If you’ve taken a look at our reading pens before, you’ll know that we provide a 30-day free trials so that schools can witness the benefits for themselves, and try them out in a real learning environment. A pilot program is more of the same, but only for select groups.

You get more personal support and training, your learners get the pens for twice the amount of time, and in return you support us with testimonials that we can use to show how a reading pen has changed the story for a real learner out there. We also get feedback from you that we can use to inform our customization, our features, and our resources going forward.

That’s why the data forms that we supply as part of your pilot program are so important. As well as supporting the learners currently in your care and opening up a world of reading achievement, you’re also helping shape provision for the next generation of learners.

Could your learners benefit from an extra 10 months of reading progress... only 8 weeks?

The C-Pen Reader 2 is an elite reading pen that’s already being used in thousands of schools across the UK to help students achieve their reading goals and free up time for educators and support staff. Featuring high-speed character recognition and other built-in handy features, it’s the ultimate reading companion – and it doesn’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to work, meaning that it’s ready to read anywhere, anytime.

✅ Built-in dictionary support

✅ Voice recorder and scan-to-file storage

✅ No need for Wi-Fi!

✅ 8hr+ long-life rechargeable battery

✅ Scan in multiple languages

✅ Super durable and dependable!

And what's more, they've got the power to give reading skills a huge boost in only a short amount of time. At George Dixon Primary School in Birmingham, learners saw 10 months of reading progress happen in just 8 weeks.

Explore the story at George Dixon Primary!

What are people saying about the Scanning Pens Pilot Program?

"All of the children love them, it has enabled them to be free with reading like never before. Children are telling me 10 out 10 for how much they enjoy using them!"

Elms Farm Primary School,

Birmingham Pilot Program

"I used to get frustrated every day when I was trying to read. Now I know I have dyslexia and I have a reading pen to use, I don't feel frustrated anymore. I can understand the stories without trying to find different ways of sounding out the words I don't know."

Child B

Barr View Primary and Nursery Academy

DLP Pilot Program

"The trials have been great, and have been used in Year 5 and Year 4, meaning children can access higher level texts and fully join in curriculum lessons. Great feedback from teachers."

Southway Primary School

United Learning Trust Pilot Program

So let's change reading

for the better this term!

To kickstart the process and request a reading pen Pilot Program from Scanning Pens, give us a call on 02081 326196, or email

We'll then get in touch with you regarding your next steps, and then you’re well on the way to meeting the team and putting transformational reading support at your learners’ fingertips in time for a reading recovery.