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No need to take the fun out of funding

Part of our mission at Scanning Pens is to support those who most need it with our assistive technology, regardless of circumstance. We know that managing budgets is a challenge, whether trying to find the funds for the assistive tech you need or helping your school afford more for their students.

That’s why we created a list of alternative funding that can be used to get reading support into your hands. Check out our curated list below!

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Funding for Schools / Educators
Funding for Individuals

Awards for All is the smallest programme out of all those run by The National Lottery’s Community Fund. They offer £300–£10,000 in grants that go toward initiatives that benefit communities. School funding cases are encouraged to apply for funding for community-based projects i.e., a dyslexia outreach project or establishing an assistive tech library.

Bluespark Foundation are a charitable foundation that aim to help children reach their full potential by supporting their education and development. They acknowledge that often worthwhile school projects or improvements have the man hours and the willing to get off the ground, but not the funding or the resource.

Cash for Kids is a grant stream run by Bauer Media Group a UK radio broadcaster and can be used for individual SEN funding cases. They award grants of between £1,000 – £3,000 to support individuals under 18 who are disabled or disadvantaged in any way. Grant eligibility is based on radio area coverage, so check out their online map before applying.

Magic Little Grants are a spin-off funding body from the Postcode Lottery programme. They offer grants of £500 with a general focus on supporting those in financial need, but only school funding cases from schools with formal charitable status can apply. Find out more at their website.

The Foyle Foundation are an independent grant-making trust. They offer grant schemes, but their Library Scheme in particular is pledged to schools that need to make improvements to their libraries. They typically awarded at £300 – £10,000.

The Frazer Trust award grants in several areas across special, primary, and secondary schools. Their remit is largely SEN funding to support learners who have disabilities, and grants range from £500 – £3,000. To start an initial conversation, call 0191 2328 065.

The Janki Sayes Foundation are a charitable foundation who’ll help you in buying assistive tech, and specifically mention C-Pen devices. You’ll need evidence of medical need to be considered, such as a letter of assessment from a medical professional, occupational therapist, or speech and language therapist. To apply, contact them for a grant application pack and give them a little context about your situation

The Marshall and Viggars Charitable Trust is a grant-giving charity that offers awards of £500 – £1,000 to organisations who are looking to fund disability support, medical care, medical research and the care and protection of animals. Guidelines are available here.

The Marshall and Viggars Charitable Trust also offer £500 – £1,000 in grants to individuals who are looking to fund disability support, medical care, medical research and the care and protection of animals. Guidelines are available here.

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