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Support college students with assistive tech that knows the score

The thing that sets A-Levels apart from GCSEs is the sheer amount of reading: even those taking more vocational qualifications like T-Levels and NVQs might find that the reading game has stepped up…

…which means that the reading support game has to step up alongside it. Here’s how.

Beat reading anxiety and open their door to the future

Neurodivergent or EAL learners might find themselves anxious about post-16 study: the stakes are higher than ever before and your cohort of college leavers have their eyes on job applications and university study.

A text-to-speech reading aid can give them vital reading confidence and the ability to self-support, helping them prepare for the journey ahead as independent readers. They’re ready for the world outside of the classroom... and every mark matters.

Portable reading support for independent learners

In college, reading support solutions for SEN learners must work as well in a library or living room as they do in the classroom. These learners are older, independent, and their reading is rarely confined to the classroom.

That’s why something portable, rechargeable and Wi-Fi free is the order of the day. Unlike human reading support, these clever little pen scanners can be used wherever and whenever learning happens, especially when it comes to revision season.

Supporting learners through re-sits

Sometimes, learners find that they need to take another shot at their GCSEs or A-Levels. It goes beyond the exam hall: college ramps up the coursework and revision expectation, so the right prep is key if they’re to walk into assessment season with confidence again.

Text-to-speech devices like C-Pen Reader 2 can support resit learners by helping them beat reading anxiety with reliable text-to-speech functionality and even a dictionary definition mode... so when the time comes, they’ll be more than ready to take on the challenge.

Here’s how Wolverhampton College have been bridging the learning gap with Scanning Pens

I was introduced to the C-Pen Reader 2 by the learning support team, and it’s great for me because it’s easily accessible, I can put it in my bag and every time I need it I can just get it out, put my earphones in and then I’m not disturbing anybody else in the class, and I’m getting on with my work.

— First year Hairdressing student, Wolverhampton College

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